September 19, 2022

Kindergarten completed unit 1 in reading. They are learning Why living things have different needs.” In math they are working on numbers 0-10 and how to represent each number. Kindergarten is doing a wonderful job adjusting to DES! First grade is learning “Why do living things change?” And life cycles of living things. Also, numbers 20-50, and how to decompose and build numbers. Second grade classes have learned that Johnny Appleseed was a famous American who walked across the USA in the 1800s, spreading apple seeds to grow orchards. All 3rd grade classes at DES are working hard to learn their multiplication facts! They have also wrapped up their unit, which was on “How living things survive in their environment.”  4th graders are learning about food chains and the flow of energy in science. They are also studying the French and Indian War in Social Studies. They are working extremely hard in all their subjects! DES would like to remind parents that, Parent-Teacher Conference is Tuesday, September 27th, 12:00-6:00. This will be an early dismissal day for all students.
By: Adalyn Newton & Emmylou Hopper